p e r p e t u a l   i n t e r m i x   i n s t a l l a t i o n s

omotesando gallery / kyu shiba rikyu imperial garden - tokyo 2007


  rock pools

  leaf pools right

  leaf pools left

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(process demo) sonification  |  graphic scores  |  installation  |  perpetual intermix (sound demo)
light pools  |  fluid musics









    P E R P E T U A L   I N T E R M I X  

multiple music tracks of various lengths
     play simlutaneously, and
     loop perpetually
when the tracks loop they line up differently
     because each is a different length
this generates a new intermix of tones
     continually creting new pieces of music
           or at least new 'variations on a theme'

    These 3 pieces are samples from the Light Pools installation
     in Omotesando Gallery in Tokyo, Japan
     June 2007

The same 3 pieces of music were taken to Kyu Shiba Rikyu
     an Imperial Garden in Tokyo
     where some of the photographs in the Gallery Installation were shot
They were played on 3 portable music players
     in the Garden near the locations
     where the original photographs were shot

  instructions for use:  
    you can start each track independently
     or drag the play head forwards>> or backwards<<
     to change the relative positions
           each time creating a new mix of sound
  the full experience:  
    To hear the full piece, you can:  
    • purchase the OMOTESANDO MIX Audio CD
     and play it on a regular stereo system
purchase CD

• purchase the OMOTESANDO MIX Audio DVD
     and play it on a 5.1 surround sound music system
           and hear the individual pieces
           on independent speakers

purchase DVD
    • purchase 3 separate stereo systems
     and hear the pieces on completely independent
           music systems, the way it is
           installed in the gallery and garden
    • visit a Gallery or Field Installation
     by Steven Berkowitz
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